Available Goats

We are expecting another great kidding season here at Ten Mile Creek Goat Ranch.  Babies will start hitting the ground on December 26 and weaned by end of March to mid April 2018. We will have both Purebred and 100% NZ doelings available for sale. Now is the time to start making plans for getting into goat business or just adding to your current herd.
Also In May of 2018 Ten Mile Creek Goat Ranch will have fifteen, 2 & 3 year old Purebred does for sale and one Purebred buck.
Call Tom at 727 470 4607 or Lee Ann at 727 280 3075

Deposit policy:

$100.00 dollar deposit per goat will secure your purchase and the balance due when goats are picked up at weaning.
1. Extra charges will be incurred at a rate of $5.00 a day per goat if not picked up within 2 weeks after weaning date.
2. The sale shall be cancelled and deposit forfeited if goats have not been picked up within 30 days after weaning date.
3. Deposit refunds are only given if for some unforeseen reason on our part making it impossible to fulfill the order.sit refunds are only if for some unforeseen reason we are unable to provide the foreseen reason we are unable to provide the goats.