About Us

Tom and Lee Ann Williams

Welcome to Ten Mile Creek Ranch Website, a breeder of Kiko goats. Our herd is registered with NKR and we belong to the Southeast Kiko Goat Association (SEKGA).

The Williams, that’s us, Tom and Lee Ann established the Ten Mile Creek Kiko goat herd on our 25 acre farm located on Ten Mile Creek, near the small southern Georgia town of Pineview.

We have dedicated ourselves to producing quality 100% New Zealand and American pure breed Kiko goats. After studying various sources and visiting with successful goat ranchers, we chose to become breeders of Kiko meat goats. Our goal is to develop a herd based on the attributes inherent to the Kiko breed. Those attributes being: reproductive and maternal excellence, environmental adaptability, parasite resistance and foot soundness.

Please browse through our website to learn more about the Ten Mile Creek breeding program.

We are certain that a Kiko program is right for you.

But whether it be information or goats you seek. We are your GOAT TO COUPLE.

Thank you,
Tom & Lee Ann